Sunday, June 07, 2009


Apologies for the relative hiatus - caused mainly by a postponed, but inevitable addiction to DVDs of The Wire. As recompense, over at the Measures, me on Wang Bing's colossal epic of industrial decline, West of the Tracks - one of the less interesting essays in a short collection put together for a screening of the entire work-day long film at NYU.

Other things: Militant Modernism is reviewed this month in Frieze and Art Review, though neither are online yet - but there is a nice recommendation from the RIBA Journal, and this review at 3AM Magazine, which gets what I was trying to do with the book more than most - which is more my failure than anyone else's, of course.


Blogger Tom Will said...

RE 'West of the Tracks', have you seen Edward Burtynsky's photos of the Chinese rust belt? He also does a lot of work on urban development. I can't quite work out whether his sublime aesthetic is a little too alluring though.

11:46 pm  
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