Thursday, June 04, 2009

Finsbury Party

The list of local sponsors tells its own story about the changing demographics of Finsbury, but let's not carp - a hearty plug for 'Nothing is too good for ordinary people', party on the 18th June organised by the Save Finsbury Health Centre campaign, which looks enormously worthwhile. Be there or be complicit in the Blairite denigration of public modernism and the PFI hangarisation of health services!


Blogger Kosmograd said...

Veering slightly off topic, have you read the book 'In this Dark House', by Lubetkin's daughter Louise Kehoe?

While I have a deep hatred of the misery memoir, the 'woe is me' genre of autobiography, this is of passing interest because Lubetkin features as the perpetrator of the psychological torment of the author. The MacGuffin throughout the book is what is Lubetkin's real name.

I have a copy if you want to read it.

10:50 am  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

Cheers, I keep meaning to read that. One of Lubetkin's sons often turns up defending him, but other sources - such as Nigel Warburton's Goldfinger biography - suggest he was a pretty bad egg (Goldfinger himself certainly thought so). Not sure what bearing it has on his architecture, bar bad journalistic comparisons of his public housing to his zoo buildings...

10:04 pm  
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