Friday, June 12, 2009


Three recent pieces between which, unfortunately, I can't think of even the slightest connecting thread to pull into a blog post: me on Joe Moran's On Roads for the New Statesman; on Derelict Italian Fascist Youth Camps in Northamptonshire for Frieze online; and on the persistent awfulness of memorials, in BD.

Plus more about Fascist Modernists in Icon, on the Estorick's typically excellent Framing Modernism show.


Anonymous article said...

you got me. there were fascist youth camps in northamptonshire? alas, only an exhibition.

1:02 am  
Blogger Murphy said...

You really ought to have seen the Diana fountain that Jan Kaplicki proposed. It was a fucking belter, that is, if you like hideously crass and inappropriate things.

1:11 am  
Blogger Giovanni said...

Ah, so glad you made it to Norhtamptonshire. I do however feel duty bound to point out that Alemanno wasn't greeted by Nazi salutes, but Roman ones. There's a difference and besides Fascism came first, obviously. (Not that I'm proud of that, mind.)

Here's a gallery of pictures from those particular celebrations.

2:40 am  
Anonymous Lang Rabbie said...

(i)Blimey, I'd no idea the Public Art Development Trust was no more.

(ii) How on earth do you get to Fermynwoods Gallery at Brigstock without driving? I'm wondering if there's a way of combining a trip with the ruins of Lyveden New Build.

9:21 pm  
Blogger it said...

Lang - re ii) we got a lift from the lovely gallery owner. The gallery is brilliant: half of it is the owner's kitchen, so they eat their coco pops whilst looking up at pictures of fascist training camps.

9:43 am  
Anonymous agata said...

my name is Agata Pyzik, i'm an art/literary critic from Warsaw, I work for a foundation Bec Zmiana, which issues a Notebook - a publication on modern art&design:

I came across your writing through Mark Fisher's and S. Reynolds' blogs - would you like to answer few questions for the Notebook about Militant modernism etc.?
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9:59 pm  
Anonymous agata said...

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11:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that Eduardo Paolozzi went to Colonia every year.

11:36 pm  
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