Monday, May 21, 2007

Cutty Ranks

Police suspect Arson in the Cutty Sark fire. I have been pre-empted here by the IT girl, but as a fellow inhabitant of the London Borough of Greenwich I must offer my support to the conspiracy theory. What do we have here? A huge stretch of river with a PUBLIC SQUARE, purely for the support and perusal of a historical artefact. Obviously such a thing would have to be destroyed, and replaced forthwith with some rows of brick n' pine flats to overlook the gooey flow of the Thames. Alternatively, given the boat's history in imperial trade and the tendency of Greenwich to be bombed by inept terrorists (cf the 'outrage' described in Conrad's The Secret Agent), this could be an oblique protest - long overdue revenge for the Opium War, perhaps.


Blogger Culla said...

Oh, I think it's Muslim exterminists who have burnt out our national maritime heritage with an arseon attack on the Cutty Sarc. I don't know if the police know yet but I do.

Cheersley Smughole

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Edwin said...

Good riddance to imperial opium peddling 'tea' clippers.

Personally, I thought the closing of Goddard's Pie & Mash (now a posh burger restaurant) far more upsetting.

Then again, maybe less upsetting than the amount of money soon to be spent on resurrecting this symbol of maritime globalisation.

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of claptrap. You'll be saying Diana was murdered next.
It was an accident (they do happen) and it's being restored.
It's a beautiful ship.
That's it.

12:49 am  
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