Friday, May 18, 2007

Foster in Vermilion Sands

Curiously enough, while generously offering their services to the no-unions no-nonsense no limits on general hedonism if you have enough money rulers of the United Arab Emirates, Baron Norman Foster and his partners appear to have designed some sort of cross between Ballard's desert suburb and a kind of Radiant Mall. Interestingly, in a place with vast quantities of oil money sloshing around, everything is 'zero carbon and waste free', with no cars, and entirely self-sufficent. And they said irony was dead. This reinforces nicely the notion that the rich can afford to be ecologically friendly, while the rest of us just have to live with the guilt of climate change on our consciences - but I'm sure people in Abu Dhabi or Dubai sleep very well indeed.


Anonymous kiri said...

I find any development plan which includes a monorail quite sinister

1:52 pm  
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