Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pods, Slabs and Ribbons

My paper on the CIAM for All Planned Out is now up at The Measures Taken. The images (mostly from two essential and out of print books, the brilliant Town and Revolution by Anatole Kopp and Pioneers of Soviet Architecture by Selim Khan-Magomedov, as well as a few from Karel Teige's Minimum Dwelling) were often scans of photocopies of copies, hence the scragginess - which was not intended to give it a worn, hauntological quality, honest. The pic above is of the Kirov Town Hall in Leningrad, meanwhile, designed by one Noi Trotsky in 1932. Pods for all!


Blogger Murphy said...

very good paper sir. I've been reading Kopp, and also a great book about Corbs Soviet adventure, which features one of the most incredible photographs I have ever seen, which I'll post soon... Did you catch any other papers? Wasn't Will Alsop not also giving a rambling collection of drunken non-sequiteurs that day?

9:38 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

The Alsopifier himself was present, but not when i was there: apparently he was accused of being 'stalinist'. It was a distinctly odd combination of mad 'Milton Friedman was right' types, ex-trot technocrats, english heritage, bearded rural lefties, some business folk, representatives from the world of Brick, and some quite sensible people in there somewhere

Is the Corb book J-L Cohen's Le Corbusier and the Mystique of the Soviet Union (or something bit like that)? Is something I have been trying to obtain for a while.

4:15 pm  
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