Sunday, February 13, 2011

Instead Of

Still hiatused, but someone asked for some sort of events diary or something on here - so here it is.

The Pulp book is finished and is called Uncommon. It and two currently untitled book projects, one using the second lot of Urban Trawls, and one on Eastern Europe, mean that what might have been blog posts are sort-of embargoed until publication using some sort of personal paywall (though partly none of these walks are going up due to simple lack of any time, ever). Photos for both are turning up here, however, what with it being cheaper than a proper Flickr pro account.
Some of Uncommon might just trickle out into the excellent Carl Neville-helmed decade blogs - Faces on Posters, Too Many Choices and Up Close And Personal; when I get time I'm also planning something for ...And What Will Be Left Of Them? More on which soon.

Also, possibly more literally paywalled at BD - the third part of Urban Trawl 2 - This Time It's Even Bleaker, in Barrow-in-Furness (with the West Midlands in next week) two columns, one on Mukesh Ambani's house and one on Eric Pickles and the 'localism agenda', and a review of a book on Polish urban typography.

Some things in the Guardian - on the Elephant and Castle and contra Time Team.

Some forthcoming talks and things. Two of them involves being thrown to the lions, one on March 2, at Manchester Metropolitan University, debating Mancunia's regeneration with - oh yes - Ian Simpson and the head of Manchester council; and another at Ecobuild on March 1 in the ExCel Centre on the Royal Docks, where I'll expand a bit on this, from a little while ago.


There's also a talk on the astonishing Gosprom building in Kharkov, taken from the thesis I'm supposed to be finishing in the middle of all this, for the Twentieth Century Society's Megastructures lecture series, on March 3; and I'll be chairing for the Centre for Land Use Interpretation at the Architecture Foundation in London on 23rd Feb; speaking in London at Queen Mary on the 24th, at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow on 7th March; and at this thing in Leeds Metropolitan University on 10th March, after which I'm off to Ukraine and Poland for a while, to 'rejuvenate'.

So, as you see, I won't be blogging for a bit. Read these people instead, as they are good. Jones the Planner, a very enjoyable Pevsnerian urbanist thing. There have been things happening, in the UK. Excellent commentary from, on one side, Labour leftist Owen Jones, and on the other, ultra-leftists Deterritorial Support Group and Alex Andrews. Note also, the continued adventures of the University of Strategic Optimism:

Somewhat less local, if you don't already go read Egyptian Marxist 3arabawy, incidentally as fine a photographer as political analyst. And last and by no means least, Nuits sans Nuit, with a series of three posts on Eastern Europe and pop.


Blogger W. Kasper said...

"Carl Neville-helmed decade blogs"?

So much for leaderless networks...

Looking forward to your posts!

5:36 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

Oh, we all know he's pulling the strings from Okinawa...

5:43 pm  
Anonymous The Pop Fop said...

Hey Owen, random question:

But have you been in Finland recently? I was just at Kosmos restaurant in downtown Helsinki and I saw a guy who looked a bit like you with some other twentysomethings and a few older professorial types. Just thought I'd ask.

9:31 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

Sadly not. Never been to Finland. Near Finland (Sweden, Russia) yes, in Finland no...

12:22 am  
Anonymous rong-wrong said...

Owen, dear Sir. I know this is not the norm, but I have no other means to contact you. My name here serves as a link to a printed magazine whose first issue is in active preparation titled rong-wrong. I received funding from an arts subsidy in the Netherland's, where I graduated (Gerrit Rietveld Academie) as a graphic designer (an invented profession) and still reside. I'd like to write to you
in more detail about the project, contributors, and in regards to a potential contribution (of existing/current matter) from yourself. I've been invited to launch the magazine at the first Amsterdam arts book fair in May and a collusion is paramount to the thematic, I believe. If you could forward a means of correspondence I'd be very grateful and appreciative. At least then I can blow my horns, whistles, trumpets and glow-stick's in your direction, and in full.

Hope to be further in touch. Best Wishes.
Scott Joseph

1:48 am  
Anonymous Joe said...

What happened to your NS John Gray review?

4:13 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

It's in the next issue of New Humanist in a couple of weeks and is very short-tempered and vindictive, so don't expect any great insight. The NS, meanwhile, long since stopped giving me any work ever, for reasons best known to them.

Also, Scott, I recommend owenhatherley(at) - it's on the sidebar, where it says 'say hello'

6:22 pm  
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