Saturday, January 22, 2011

People's Detailing

Must report that blogging hiatus not likely to end anytime soon, but in the meantime, on the Festival of the Festival of Britain in the Guardian. 'Below the line' and everything.


OpenID yorksranter said...

Handsome in the Rain should be a song lyric-titled blog post that grew into a book from a fondly remembered nightclub.

11:02 pm  
Anonymous David said...

You lost me with the idea of America as a place somehow hostile to modern architecture.

It might be hostile to the type you like, and that might be deplorable, but modern architecture has had a secure home here since, one could argue, John Welborn Root invented it in Chicago back in the 1880s.

Or if you like, he helped invent American Modern architecture, which is indeed a different thing from the European variant, despite the latter movement cribbing from it when and where they could.

12:18 am  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

Not at all my intention - I conflated due to space two different points - about Americanisation of UK being a process of infantilisation/suburbanisation, something which didn't kick in fully until 1980s - basically the use of US as a model rather than the rest of Europe. That 'anglo-saxon model' that is doing so well right now. There was a moment where the UK could have chosen otherwise in terms of urban planning, economics etc, and that was 1945-51 (although in foreign policy they were pretty relentlessly tied to the US under Attlee, albeit in the face of significant Bevanite opposition). It's squeezing a gradual process into a sentence.

But look, I'm writing a thesis on Americanism and Modernism in 1920s Europe, so I assure you I'm fully aware of the (other) Chicago School!

10:46 pm  
Blogger Trevor said...

Sorry for leaving a comment here but I don't know how to email you.

A squat has been opened in Bloomsbury next to Pushkin house, set up as a 3 week long free school and crash and support space for the upcoming protests. Some of the rooms are being used for the daily lectures, workshops, talks and film screenings, while some other rooms are available for groups to have as meeting rooms. It's a great space.

Here's a link to their first and second communique's -

I don't live there but I've been helping out with setting up lectures and talks and building furniture, and if you have any time do you think you could come on down and give a talk or a workshop?

Anyway, if we don't hear from you, A guide to the new ruins is great and I'll put it on the house reading list for sure.


5:30 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

I'd be happy to. Email me at owenhatherley(at) (it's on the sidebar, as 'say hello')

12:03 am  
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Blogger ray said...

Totally of topic I know but in my wanderings around London I had never visited Pimloco's Dolphin Square until the other day. Built as posh flats in the 30's so probably not of imediate interest to you(or me) I was non the less blown away by the scale of the place. Worth a visit I thought - and perhaps a post when you have time.

2:39 pm  
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