Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pursuit of the Millennium

Yesterday I went with some friends to the vast expanses of horrid luxury flats and seemingly endless waterways that make up the the Royal Docks: mainly as an attempt to get photos of Spillers' Millennium Mills, an enormous industrial hulk, left decomposing for decades, and the peculiar 'D Silo' that sits in the scrubland in front of it, before they get tidied up in the imminent regeneration. This was a bit tricky, given the high fences that surround it. Braver folk than we have scaled the fences (unless they dug tunnels or something) to photograph its distended innards, documented in this Flickr photoset, which it transpires is part of a wider project of industrial-archaeological chutzpah.


Anonymous Fred P said...

Just seen the Flickr photoset, great stuff. Brave folk indeed.

Some more (older) pix via a link on the Ballardian website: and click Latest.

Seems to be alot of imagery from this area surfacing at the moment. Get there quick before it becomes another regeneration blot on the landscape (as most of it already has).

1:20 pm  
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