Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hard Choices

Remember when perusing these little bits of information, that the likes of Gordon Brown, his privatisers, his non-governmental advisers, those who cling to the Labour Party as it continues the most rightwing policies in British history, these people are the realists.

Melissa Benn on how the Pimilico School, an internationally admired late 60s futurist comprehensive is being sold off to a Tory, Christian venture capitalist, who is apparently going to take advantage of the proximity of Westminster barracks.
It's far too difficult to convince business leaders to back renewable energies, so Labour consider not bothering to cut carbon emissions - on the same day that a report claims, yet again, that climate change going to be even worse than the even worse that was predicted last time.
And astonishingly, people continue to imagine that there's a class system. Preposterous!


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