Friday, October 12, 2007

Commodity Fetishism Corner

Miscellaneous interesting blogging, mainly in a beautiful artefacts vein:

I know the Plakaty have been rather thin on the ground of late - even the Sputnik anniversary was lacking one. So, stepping rather spectcularly into the breach, here's Alexander Zakharov's A Soviet Poster A Day. This is really impressive work, well beyond the call of duty - each poster translated and given a commentary, something which I could never manage with my toddler's Cyrillic. The remit is well beyond mine (I avoid pretty much anything between the early 30s and the late 60s, and at least half of em were by the Stenberg brothers) but the results, I'm sure you'll agree are fine indeed. Note also a lovely Sputnik poster on October 4.

In a similar vein of pretty pictures well organised and intelligently commented on, the 'Woebot Lite' pictorial periodisation of Hip Hop (in several parts) is excellent: I even own ooh, about 6 or 7 of those. And I for one would love to hear his party rendition of 'Paid in Full'. I've always especially enjoyed that 'plate of fish - which is my favourite dish' line. Actually maybe a food-in-hiphop post would be in order, which could include Lord Shafiyq's great culinary-Nation of Islam lyric 'if I were a Pork Chop/I would commit suicide/leap in the pan/and then get fried' amongst others.

Glaswegian Haunto-Brutalist Entschwindet und Vergeht, who should write more long posts, with a great little vignette about Lubetkin's burial of his Lenin Monument, plus the vagaries of the block that was once to be called Lenin Court, pondering the question of what role exactly the fetishism of the buried and the ruined plays in the cultural politic today. Finally - and more on this later, perhaps after I've seen Control - this frankly stunning Emmy Hennings post on Joy Division's sound from broken homes.


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