Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Shape

'A spectre is haunting Europe...the spectre of the Tricorn – a symbol of demotic resistance that contradicts the role it was assigned. The concept of 'functionality' is negated in it, and the currents of militarism and consumerism that suffocate Portsmouth, its civic life. The Tricorn is a machine for revolution, it negates bourgeois culture. It puts people off shopping. Join Proles for Modernism in their defence of this matrix of working class vision.'

More lamentations, this time on Owen Luder and Rodney Gordon. Before/after via...


Anonymous william said...

Not sure if you have written about it before but Slough's Brunel Bus Station is now half way through its demolition. There was a report on BBC LDN news at the weekend.

Another piece of modernism in an unloved southern town is erased. The quite nice library is going too.

As they are easily not the worst buildings in the town, it's all quite frustrating.

11:19 am  
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