Friday, July 16, 2010

The whole city is your jewellery box

Two newer things which have no connection other than mentions of Sheffield and self-made architectures. There's a BD column on the perniciousness of Reference and Vernacular; and I also have the Epiphanies page in this month's Wire (ie the one with Chris Watson on the cover) on a subject that will be fairly unsurprising to lots of those reading this. Warning: prose 'overripe' (which reminds me, I am planning to finish this, but not in blog form. More details to ensue, eventually).


Anonymous joe said...

Hello, long term reader here - any chance of a link if you think my blogs ok


6:53 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

Done. I may have to bore you sometime with my dusty BA essay on P-Funk, if I can find it/if I'm not horrendously embarrassed by it...

12:22 am  
Anonymous joe said...

That'd be really cool, probably far in advance of my stuff but I enjoy writing for my blog even though its a bit daft and over the top.

Thanks Owen!

10:52 am  
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