Friday, July 10, 2009

Camberwell Now

What is intended as a non-knee jerk, tentative column on the fire at Sceaux Gardens in BD. An interesting article about this in Socialist Worker too, which despite some debatable architectural points actually goes into depth on the neglect and cutbacks that have beset the estate; see also the original review of the estate at the Architects Journal; not as rapturous as Ian Nairn, a very hard critic to impress, who wrote when it was built that 'for once, an estate has become a place'. Which will obviously be scant consolation now. And, not solely for the sake of my usual attempts to link any event of note to my obsessions but as evidence that the place was once thought romantic, it's the place you can see in the video above, headed up by the caption 'setting'.


Blogger Steve Taylor said...

It's funny to find out that a song with seemingly such a strong sense of place in Sheffield was filmed at Sceaux Gardens. (well as an ex dweller of Sheffield and Camberwell it is anyway)

I remember looking up Stanhope Road in the A-Z... It was just round the corner from me.

1:27 am  
Blogger Alex said...

According to an architect who worked on the project, the original specification required either timber or metal window frames, specifically not plastic, and there is or was an access door from every flat onto the corridor its front door doesn't open onto, as a fire precaution. (The AJ piece refers to this, I think.)

I wonder if the Southwark authorities called attention to that in the fire precautions?

(BTW, you're invited to my blog's meetup on Wednesday night.)

12:09 am  
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