Sunday, May 04, 2008

How I Wish You Were Here With Me Now

Onto a rather happier subject - the selfless joy of the postcard. I spotted these two lovely cards at Rob Annable's Flickr and promptly favourited one, only to be told they were actually about to be sent to me via proper post. They were worth having in the end, there's nothing like ephemeral scrawls in foreign languages, franking and faded printed card to get me excited. Apparently the building they depict was designed by Wilhelm Marinus Dudok, inspiration for town halls, pithead baths and cinemas all over Britain in the 30s. On the subject of architecture postcards (and is there really any other sort? Other than those featuring sundry waving aristocrats), this fine site has been brought to my attention. Some genuine stunners, here, irrespective of the inadequacy of my schoolboy French even when faced with such pithy captions. A few highlights: Soviet architecture predicts Zaha Hadid shocker; elegance and heimat futurism in the German Democratic Republic; and finally, I'm lost for words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cabel Hogue by John Cale quote?

sorry, i'm still in the "guess the lyric" mindset....


8:51 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

no, but good guess. you won't get it, but some will...

11:32 pm  
Blogger it said...

Joy Division.

11:43 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

If I was being a smartarse (imagine that!) New Order.

12:01 am  
Anonymous Brian said...

Thanks! This is an amazing site worthy of hours of perusal!

7:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here what i found -> vision correction

12:41 pm  
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