Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Down with the Olympiad

Miscellaneous urbanist links: the ever-insightful Entschwindet on Hadid's 'accidental brutalism'; Savage Messiah and attendant Massive are now blogging at We Are Bad, and have, as you see above, been fucking up the Lea Valley Wall (and they win 'subject list of the decade', from 'class cleansing' to 'yuppie bashing' and 'future bodies'); and in a similar vein, go to Boredom is Always Counter-Revolutionary, who, one might surmise from the picture, has also been a Teenage Manics Fan in a past life.


Anonymous sam from boredom... said...

manic street preachers and catatonia, birmingham nec, december 18th 1998: my second ever gig.

the first was chesney hawkes in 1991.

although i can assure you that none of this was in my mind when that tattoo appeared. in fact, i'm pretty sure i only went to see the manics because all my friends were going.

thanks for the link, i'd already linked here- i'm not down with blog etiquette just yet, so excuse me if any of this is a tremendous faux-pas.

10:35 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

no faux-pas. the picture just immediately reminded me of this...

7:42 pm  
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