Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Such a Cold Finger...

Isn't it mysterious that flats in Balfron and Trellick Tower (e.g. one advertised for £260,000) change hands for such high prices these days when they come on the market. They must be such terrible flats to live in.

A dissenting voice amid the chorus of guilty broadsheet approval for Lynsey Hanley's Estates: Nigel Warburton, author of the excellent Erno Goldfinger: Life of an Architect and one-time resident of Balfron Tower, takes aim at her decidedly tossed-off dismissal of the irascible Hungarian tower designer.


Anonymous Kosmograd said...

It's a bit weird that Warburton tosses this out as a PS at the end of a kicking of Lynsey Hanley's book. £260,000 for a flat in Trellick Tower doesn't seem exceptional to me at all. For someone who has written a biog of Goldfinger to write "they must be terrible flats to live in" seems a bit odd.

I visited Trellick Tower once on an OpenHouse weekend and was shown round one of the flats. They're well-built, pretty generous spatially, based on Parker-Morris standards you'd be hard pressed to find in most modern developer apartments. Plus the views are awesome, it's a modernist icon, and as Kirstie and Phil would no doubt tell you, you're right in the middle of desirable Notting Hill. Of course there is the odd body in the rubbish chute to deal with, but it's hardly JG Ballard's High Rise.

This blog rocks, BTW. I wish I had the energy to bang out 2 posts before 7am.

1:26 pm  
Blogger owen hatherley said...

"they must be terrible flats to live in"
That was sarcasm, I'm pretty sure!

Like your blog too btw: and I am NEVER up before 7am, that's merely blogger being on US time...

1:59 pm  
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