Friday, January 26, 2007

Memory Fever

Jonathan Jones, who though frequently entirely wrong, is one of the very few Guardian writers with any degree of critical intelligence*, is terrific on the perpetual memorialising that has marked the last 25 or so years in Europe and the US. I went to the Peter Eisenman Holocaust memorial in Berlin (a bit of ponderous relational aesthetics which he rightly skewers) last year- although tectonically speaking it was quite fun, a maze of concrete slabs, its utter inadequacy as a statement on the murder of 6 million was nicely encapsulated by the way that it was mainly being used by children playing hide and seek.

* It's a strange fact that of these few, most are called Jonathan; Glancey and Steele being the others...(obviously this doesn't include Gary Younge or Charlie Brooker)


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