Friday, September 25, 2009


Two things on Art: a review in BD of an exhibition which bizarrely, manages to disappoint despite featuring Madelon Vrisendorp and Chicks on Speed; and in the current issue of New Left Review I can be found administering an extensive kicking to freelance curator extraordinaire Nicholas Bourriaud. Non-subscribers can read the first paragraph on the NLR's website. I admit to being inordinately pleased to be in there.


Blogger Philip Sanderson said...

Good piece in the NLR - particularly like the section where you critique NB's notion that today's cosmopolitan air miles curators are somehow akin to nomads or asylum seekers.

6:06 pm  
Anonymous namhenderson said...

Wow, congrats. Must be a joy seeing your name in that wonderful publication

6:18 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Hi Owen, Read and enjoyed (and agreed with) your review of The Radicant. You seem to have an interest in the (heavily contested) notion of culture after postmodernism, so can I point you in the direction of my new book, "Digimodernism" (Continuum), out in the UK this week? It advances a rival version to Bourriaud's of 21st century culture. I also have a blog should you be interested. Thanks, Alan

12:18 pm  
Anonymous Justin O'Connor said...

Yes, Owen, nice piece in NLR. I just got back from Russia and had a similar frisson of contemporary art hate whilst in one or two spaces there, converted factories of course, both run by the wives of oligarchs (the chelsea one and another, a fan of ayn rand). There was Dutch artists eminently pleased with himself and in fact, it was a sparking occasion with not the slightest hint of the contradictions all this involved. Anyway, I think you might like Jacques ranciere's Aesthetics and its discontents, for a similar version of the shift from modern to postmodern and its complicities

7:21 am  
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