Friday, August 14, 2009

New Lanark

Two new things in Building Design, which of course you should go and buy for Mr Anderson's accompanying pictures: silliness on a film I went to see with my Mum at the Harbour Lights because the alternative was Harry Potter; and an urban trawl on Glasgow, erstwhile Transatlantic metropolis. Many thanks to Lang Rabbie and Fr Finton Stack for their suggestions, and to young Murphy, especially because our visit also produced this utterly blistering piece on Zaha Hadid's unfinished Transport Museum - someone give the man a regular couple of thousand words to do this in print.

Finally, am probably going to be helping judge the Carbuncle Cup this year. One building I wish I had made an entrant but came too late is the Glaswegian building above, which I briefly considered posting up as a guessing game - where are these houses? Reading, Basingstoke? Or in an inner-urban district of what was once a gigantic world-straddling metropolis?


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