Thursday, June 21, 2007

Miniscule Art

A quick round-up of Borrowed Icons, Matchbox Constructivism, 'Babies' and Byt which I shall not write of at length:

Kiri points out that current major (and frankly somewhat majestic) Fostrosity Wembley stadium plagiarised designs by Oscar Niemeyer for a stadium in Rio: which, in turn, rather resembled Le Corbusier's Palace of the Soviets: this is surely the best we can ask for from Market Stalinism, that it build constructivist monuments that were considered unbuildable by Stalinism proper - after all, they're a veritable repository of the oh-so-sought-after 'iconic'.

I am currently obsessed with Maraid's flickr page of East European matchboxes: these things are just achingly beautiful, designs evoking Deineka, Karel Teige and M Sasek (whose This is London, which I flicked through yesterday, features a lovely pic of Fleet Street's finest building) put to use in the tiniest, most mundane level of the everyday. And what do we get? Artist-designined Becks labels.

Simon Sellars informs of a brutalist-ballardian exhibition in Birmingham, which looks potentially very interesting, especially now that the ex-future is getting another one of its ritual bashings.

And any London crew should head for the basement of the Festival Hall, which is showing 'Jarvis Cocker's Subconscious', a programme of free films, seemingly focused on the intersection of the fantastical and the mundane - comfortingly, the free events at Jarvis' Meltdown seem to be far more interesting than the paying stuff. The films span The London Nobody Knows, non-diegetic sound comedy Girl Chewing Gum, a compilation of spectacularly lurid early 60s pop videos, and his own student films, which I haven't seen yet. The videos he did for Pulp are of course little masterpieces of mundane montage by themselves - such as the two videos to 'Babies', which I once showed to explain 'imagery' or somesuch when at 6th form.


Anonymous lenin said...

One of my favourite Pulp songs, thank you.

12:19 am  
Anonymous maraid said...

I just wrote a little of why I like the matchbox labels here -

1:10 pm  
Anonymous dejan said...

The UNIVERSITET definitely tops the charts in terms of design drudgery; it is not even refreshing as a contrast to capitalism's insistent glow, flash and glitter. It has no irony whatsoever. Poor is the barren soul that concocted this, and the comrades who attended the university on the basis of such an advertisement!

4:32 am  
Anonymous dejan said...

Although GOSTINICA SHAHTER comes very close, I must confess; its only redeeming quality might be the orange-red and the bright white which, though incongruously and illegitimately, do stand out from the swamp of despair suggested by the drabness of the background palette.

4:35 am  
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