Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some things

More on the Urban Trawl blog: several things which have previously been on here, mostly on Thames Estuary nonplaces, but with one new thing on the Metropolitan County of the West Midlands. More to come soon, hopefully.

Also - with a nod to the Portakabin-sponsored Kosmograd - a piece in Frieze, thinking aloud about prefab, and a Guardian column about the exemplary bit of Non-Plan that is 'London Luton'.

Links and more details for the talks/walks mentioned below: in Sheffield next week (here and here) and a bit later, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff. No link as yet for the Glasgow talk, but it will be at the Glasgow Film Theatre on May 5 at 11.30am, as part of a 'study day' entitled 'What Good Are The Arts' (yes, John Carey is involved...); and also Milton Keynes, twice - once here on the 16th May, once here on the 26th May. And will be talking on Marxism Today at the NFT very soon, and on Stirling a little while later, at Tate Britain on June 11.

Friday, April 01, 2011

New Book!

Well, all 40,000 words of it anyway. Out early summer. Further details, needless to say, to be announced.