Saturday, October 10, 2009

In and Out of the Shadows

This time last weekend I and others were giving a guided tour of both Bloomsbury and Metroland In The Shadow Of Senate House. It all went rather well, people turned up, my factual errors were pointed out, nobody guessed the lie hidden in Christopher Woodward's contributions, and a lucky few got a wander round the lawless Interzone that is the Trocadero afterwards as a contrast to all this classicism and elegance. There are a couple of Flickr sets of the Metroland walk, and a great post on it at Mondo-a-go-go which gets what we were up to very well. There's also more on William Beveridge's mythological intentions for the tower and reflections on living in the greatly contrasting shadows of Southgate and Arnos Grove tube stations on the blog On the walk we also gave out these Cubes to the assembled crowd, which could presumably be stacked up appropriately into a Ziggurat. There will be films and lectures further in the shadow of Senate House soon, and they will plugged relentlessly when I have more details.


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