Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In my absence

Belatedly, read these things: the FJ, hilarious, on Gwyneth Paltrow and Hollywood 'spirituality' ('people who describe themselves as spiritual make one pine for the ideological conviction of organised religion'); more on accelerationism; Poetix on the necessarily complementary nature of fantasy and 'the real' in metal and horrorcore hip hop; Boredom is always counter-revolutionary, quietly scathing, on the art world's search for the avant-garde; the Mire on the Music and Video Exchange, that economic impossibility than seems to own half of Notting Hill Gate by filling space with tat of varying value, and briefly my employer (also, as I recall, of Simon Reynolds, Tom Ewing, insufferable Britlit bore Hornby, and the Savage Messiah herself - although seemingly never at the same time. Any others?). Meanwhile, MONU want submissions on Holy Urbanism, which can't possibly be worse than that pathetic bus advert.


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that's not the impostume, is it..?

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you really get 'em don't you?

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